Swiss Rolex Watches

7Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss

Oyster Perpetual Milgauss Watches show the unique color of the dial plate, and more soft and exquisite than “water ghost”; the orange Milgauss is the representative feature. This watch show the aesthetic feature which has symbolic meaning and unique design. Through the green crystal, you can see the charming blue dial plate. The Milgauss was launched in 1956 and designed for the engineers and artisans who working in the magnetic field environment. The magnetic will disturb the normal operation of the mechanical wrist watches. But this watch can against up to 1000 gauss of magnetic intensity

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The price of Rolex Daytona watch is higher than some others, this watch launched in 1963 and designed for the racing driver. Equipped with reliable hour meter scale outer ring, the highest speed measurement can reach 400km of speed per hour.

The new brand of Daytona is the first platinum oyster watch in professional series in 2013, especially adopt ice blue surface equipped with platinum, and this surface is the only of swiss replica rolex platinum watches, The Unique Cerachrom word circle make this watch more beautiful.

Rolex Yacht-Master Series

Rolex Yacht-Master Series show the fashion, noble and full of activity, The is the only one which equipped with two size of 40mm and 35mm oyster professional wristwatch.

The blue and mother-of-pearl dials are the representative of rolex yachtmaster replica watches. The inspiration of surface design comes from the azure sea world, the increased hour mark and the pointer make the surface can be read easily in any time. No matter in the deck or the retiring room, Yacht-Master is your best choose.